Creating Banners for classroom (Multipage)

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Creating Banners for classroom (Multipage)

Postby daimbert » August 27th, 2014, 8:38 pm


I'm a teacher and so far I absolutely love SP. I use it for an array of way weekly in my classroom. This year, I want to organize my different work station (reading, assignments, etc.,) by using colorful banners that are big enough to be seen across the room. These banners would exactly describe the area, so for example, Hall of Fame, would be a banner that I would love to blow up and run across a wall.

How do I do this? One of my colleagues uses printshop for Windows and it allows you to blow up an image and print it out into several pages that afterwards you must put together in a certain order to get the blown up image/poster/banner.

Can I do this do and how do I go about doing this. If I cannot, what program would I need?

In addition, what are some common poster sizes?

Thank you
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Re: Creating Banners for classroom (Multipage)

Postby Nick » August 28th, 2014, 4:09 am


Swift Publisher cannot split a bigger paper format to print on a regular printer. Maybe your printer driver can do this. In such case, there can be respective settings in the system Print dialog.

Another way is to export your poster to the PDF format and print it using the Adobe Reader software which is free. It has an option for printing posters in the Print dialog.

I cannot suggest you anything about standard poster sizes. I would use custom dimensions based on the free space available to place the poster, and the content which defines the aspect ratio.


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