door and window openings

Ronald James
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door and window openings

Postby Ronald James » March 7th, 2015, 5:10 pm

Hello again
When I try to place a door or window opening in my drawing the curser changes to floor and ceiling openings. Is the program a drag and drop system or do I have to somehow specify the opening size before I click on the floor plan. Also the lock symbol in the door and window opening box does not allow me to unlock the feature.
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Re: door and window openings

Postby Nick » March 9th, 2015, 3:57 am

Hi Ron,

Drag and dropping object to the floor plan is the main way to work with the object library. The situation you explained looks like a bug. Please answer these questions:
1. Was a panel with 2D tools (the one above the floor plan) open before you brought up the object library?
2. Were objects you added to the project located in the left part of the panel? I mean, where the tool which activated unintentionally is located.
What happens when you grab library objects located near the right side? Whould you see the same problem happening with other tools such as Zoom?

Locked feature:
1. There are two lock icons in the Inspector: one for the dimensions and another for the elevation. Which of them doesn't work?
2. Did you add the door or window from the standard library or imported?
3. Check if the object you wanted to unlock is not a group. Bring up the context menu and see if the Ungroup command is available there.


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