Stair Direction

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Stair Direction

Postby PictureTakerGirl » December 31st, 2014, 12:59 am


I need help with the stairs in my plan. I've read all of the posts on here regarding the stairs, but none of them have answered my questions.

I have placed a spiral staircase in my house on the first floor. The staircase goes up to the left, I need it to go up to the right.

The suggestions I saw in other posts were: right click & change the rendering, open in 3D & change flip it horizontally, import a staircase from the 3D site.

Right clicking on the object does not give me any options other than very basic editing such as copy, paste, delete, etc. Opening the 3D version also does not give me any additional options other than what is provided in 2D. I tried importing a staircase from the 3D site, but it said that only kmz files are allowed -- whatever that means. I tried several & got that message, so I searched for "stairs kmz." Three options popped up -- none of which would be beneficial to anyone, I'm guessing. I also tried googling "kmz stairs," but I still couldn't find anything.

I could have totally missed something, but I'm not seeing where I have any options here. The spiral staircase goes up to the second floor, obviously, but it walks out onto an upper balcony. I don't know how I can effectively design the upstairs without the staircase entering the second floor in the correct spot.

Can you help me? :) I would really appreciate it!


P.S. I am using the Pro Windows 8 version on my Acer laptop, if that helps.

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Re: Stair Direction

Postby Nick » December 31st, 2014, 9:47 am

Hi Casey,

The suggestion you have found makes use of the Type & Representation dialog which can flip objects in 3D. Unfortunately, this tool is present only in Mac version of Live Interior. We plan to add it to Windows version soon. Within the current version there in no way to change the spiral staircase direction. Try to search for a suitable model in Trimble Warehouse or in other online collections.


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