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issue by cloning

Posted: December 9th, 2017, 2:55 am
by jmpasquier
On my iMac running OSX10.12.6, I try to execute a clone from my Hard fusion 1,1To an external USB3 2To harddisk, but it never ends after 3 days running. I tried 4 times, but it always goes wrong on the same way.
My hard disk is 70 % full, and no other issue is identified with my configuration.
the external disk was running before as TIME MACHINE disk without issue, but very good performances.
I currently use the 3.4.1 GET BACKUP PRO version

After 3 Hours running correctly about 400Go of data cloned, it runs very slowly (3 Ko/s) and GET BACKUP PRO seems some times to be freeze, and I must reboot the machine.

After reformatting the external disk, It tried one more time last night with giving administrator rights to the software, but it always fall down the same way.

what should I do ? thanks in advance for help