Edit final labels before printing?

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Postby slinke » December 19th, 2010, 2:25 pm

I have a list of contacts that need some slight edits before I print the labels. For example, I have a contact where I want to manually enter in "Dr" and another where I want to add "and friend". I recall doing this the last time I printed labels but can't seem to figure it out. To be more specific, I want to select 100 contacts, prepare them for printing and before the labels are printed, make a few custom edits.
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Postby Nick » December 20th, 2010, 4:32 am


1. You can edit contacts in the original contact database (Address Book, Now Contact, and so on). And then import them to Labels & Addresses.

2. You can import your contacts to Labels & Addresses. Then create a print list and add all contacts you wish to print. The dialog where you add contacts to the print list lets you modify all imported information. To open a print list, open the pop-up menu on the source panel (where you choose data sources), and select "Print Lists". Then click a small button to the right to open the print list editor.


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