Labels & Addresses v1.3.3 technical update

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Postby bdarveaux » September 29th, 2009, 2:50 pm

Hi Nick,

Thanks. I found the problem. I had forgotten that I had a copy of v1.1 on my internal hard drive. See I normally have the application and files on Time Capsule to share with other computers. But Time Capsule can't back itself up, so before I do a once-a-week backup, I manually copy the apps and files on Time Capsule to my internal hard drive and then do a Time Capsule backup.

Also, FYI, I tried to set the application that will open a file with the method you proposed. The version number of the application did not show in brackets.

I did learn something. When you use the search line of the top right hand corner of the finder window, it doesn't search Time Capsule. That was part of what was goofing me up.

Thanks again, all is better.


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