Tired of Force Quitting

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Postby macmaxpr » August 10th, 2006, 9:36 pm

I am really impressed that noone has reported a bug here.

I just BOUGHT the latest version 2.4 last night to print a mere 300+ labels.

Well, I find the application SLOOOOWWW! When you only need 1-30 labels it will work fine. Go over 100 and it just halts.

Each time I try to print multiple labels it starts getting slower and slower. I even left it do it's thing for over 2 hours just in case but it would just stop responding completely.

I am a systems consultant and I've been troubleshooting Macs for over 20 years... sooo.. I decided to test it another system with basic Apps and just create a Preview PDF. Same problem.
Sometimes it will actually continue to the print dialog window from the system... and then it halts again.

Soooo.... for now, I'm reorganizing my addressbook in blocks of 30 to see if I can have this mailing done at all.

Really upset, something that was supposed to take me 20 minutes has taken over 8 hours with only one page to show for it. Not happy at all.

BTW: I am currently using a dual 867 with 2gigs of RAM and over 800Gigs of HD space. An on Tiger 10.4.7.
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Postby Nick » August 11th, 2006, 5:22 am

Please try the following:
1. Open the program preferences (Cmd+,) go to the Printing tab and deselect all checks except "Address AutoResize". This may radically improve performance.
2. If you use any graphics in your labels, make image size (resolution) small as possible. It will reduce memory consumption.
3. Minimize the number of simultaneously running programs.

We are working on optimization of merge printing.
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Postby donnahc » September 2nd, 2006, 11:14 am

I feel the same. Sitting and watching the beach ball spin is not what I had in mind when I spent the money on this non working program-for me anyway. Once the merge button is clicked on, all progress stops and no changes can be made. Force quit is the only thing that can be done. Sad I wasted 40 bucks on this. Very unhappy.
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Postby franck91 » October 8th, 2006, 4:55 am

I feel the same. Just working on a project involving the uses of the Merge printing (Excel & Filemaker data bases) , the system is "ball spining" all the times always obliged to force quit....
Using several Merge Printing lists. Very frustrating to spend all this time being obliged to force quit.
Of course i have done the preferences clean up, having only address auto resize checked but it's still difficult to complete a job in proper conditions.

Of course i use no graphics or very shorts.

Any idea when the Optimization could be available ? I have another batch of label to built this week and already anxious about the time and energy to spend....
Already Prepared to use an Beta or intermediate version if it could help to improve.


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Postby Nick » October 19th, 2006, 3:59 am

We have improved merge printing in Mail Factory (version 2.4.7).
The program is now faster and more stable with large lists at Merge Printing.

Here is the update page:

Please send us your feedback.


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