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Postby jeanbolger » April 9th, 2007, 5:26 pm

Hello! I am importing a comma delineated file of addresses. One of my fields is named "Apartment/Suite #" and I cannot get this to show up on my finished labels. Is there some way of adding a custom field to Mail Factory so they will match up? Or is there someway I could re-name the source file field? Any help is appreciated!
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Postby Nick » April 10th, 2007, 3:27 am

When you import addresses from a text file, Mail Factory shows an import dialog (right after you select the text file). In this dialog, you link data to internal data fields in Mail Factory. Clicking cells in the Map To column of the import dialog, you open the drop-down list. In the list are names of standard data fields like "First Name", "Last Name".

Mail Factory tries recognize input data automatically. You should find the row with "Apartment/Suite #" in the first column and check what is specified in the "Map To" column. Set in "Map To" Work/Home Street. Or, if the text file has a separate street field, select "Custom 1".

Custom fields are not included into the standard address panels. To display and print custom data, add a custom field from the Design panel. If you used "Custom 1" in the import dialog, add the Custom1 field.
To add a field, click the Design button in the toolbar, open the Address Fields tab (the second from the left), scroll down and drag Custom1 onto the label/envelope layout.
To include a custom data field into the address panel:
- select the panel;
- open its context menu and choose Ungroup - the data fields will get separated;
- rearrange data fields including the custom one;
- select all the fields and choose the Group command in the context menu to make from the fields an address panel.


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