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Postby jtfey » March 19th, 2013, 4:45 pm

I work for a small daily newspaper. We also publish a half-sheet publication for a private organization. The organization is located almost 300 miles away and we're gearing up to be able to handle their mailing list at certain times of the year.

I've only worked with the program about 90 minutes, but if it's not going to handle our needs I don't want to spend any additional time. Here are two problems I've run into.

• The mailing list is more than 9000 subscribers. Can Labels & Addresses import an Excel document this large? I've tried a few times and L&A has crashed each time.

• Each address has 9 fields — record, code, sack, company, name, address, city, state and zip — plus a bar code for shipping via US Postal Service. If I use the address tool to configure a label, any custom fields I pull don't show up when I go to print the label. When I use just custom fields the barcode option is grayed out. How does one create a label with these custom fields and a barcode?

• This is offbeat .. but has anyone used a Mac with a Citizen CL-S621Z printer?

Thank you.
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Postby Nick » March 20th, 2013, 4:28 am

Hi jtfey,

1. The capability to import such list depends on many things. You can try to export data from Excel to a text file and then import it to Labels & Addresses. In this case our program would not have to communicate with Excel.

Additionally, you could split the list into several parts before importing.

2. For the address, use specialized fields. Mailing barcodes need the ZIP code field to be populated with data. When you import data from a text file or Excel, Labels & Addresses lets you map the imported data to certain internal data fields. You need to choose Work Zip for this data (Home Zip and Other Zip are also possible).

The postal barcode field is present inside the address panel object. If you need to separate it, right-click on a panel and select Split Address Panel.

3. We didn't test our program with Citizen CL-S621Z. Minimum you need to work with this printer is to have it installed in your system so that you can select it in the standard print dialog. Label printer also require to select a label of exact size. Since there is no way to customize roll labels, you can try to select one of existing labels of needed dimensions (say Dymo or Seiko), or give us dimensions to add to the list.


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