Is it possible to delete (weed out) clip art?

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Is it possible to delete (weed out) clip art?

Postby lindas » December 11th, 2017, 12:00 am

I have the Extras Pack of clip art. It installs to Library/Application Support/Belight Software/Clipart

There are a lot of pics/clip art files that I know I do not want. Is there any way to reduce/delete some of them? Like I don't need all those pics of bugs and stuff.

I just want to do it right and not break the Clip Art function.

Thank you.
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Re: Is it possible to delete (weed out) clip art?

Postby Linden » December 11th, 2017, 7:10 pm

Hi lindas
Even though I do not own the extra Clip Art pack I would guess that it uses the same executable image view and retrieval file system as SP employs for its built in Clip Art collection. This involves the .idx file, the individual (Exec) .hpi file and the actual coordinating jpeg/pdf graphic file that is placed in your SP document.

If your not familiar or comfortable working with the mac internal file system and Application’s Package Contents, I would be content with your current situation. If you are still determined to weed out images of no use to you, just remember to always make a back up copy of any folder you decide to alter before you start.

Personally, I have removed the entire ClipArt folder (221MB) from the SP Package Content and found that the program is more responsive and is overall more stable. Your experience may be different.

Hope this helps.
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Re: Is it possible to delete (weed out) clip art?

Postby Nick » December 12th, 2017, 5:30 am


Both internal and extra cliparts are indexed. The clipart comes with a list of images, so the program knows how many images are there and tries to load them. If some images were deleted, the clipart panel will show empty spaces instead of missing images. The program seems to be working after deleting most of image. But there can be potential problems. For example, you can still drag and drop a placeholder of a missing image to your document which will create a very small invisible object.

Technically it's possible to copy images you like from the extra clipart to a separate folder and use the Custom Folder feature of the clipart panel to display the contents of those folder. But in the real life this wouldn't work because you'd have to review a huge amount if images to pick some.


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