Swift Publisher Update to v2.1 is released

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Postby Nick » May 3rd, 2007, 10:42 am

What was done:

- Centimeters were added in Measurement Units
- Hold mode for text box creation updated (double-click the Text Box button to to add multiple text boxes)
- Program crash while using Inspector without open documents fixed
- Guides placing using Layout Guide dialog was updated

- Program crash while rotating page with background objects (objects on background layer) fixed
- Copying margins while using Duplicate Master Page option fixed
- Problem with Inserting layout guides (Menu Insert/Layout Guides) when Master Page Margins are present, fixed

Printing and Export/Import
- Saving EPS and PDF export parameters fixed
- Default print settings are used when "Skip dialog with advanced printing settings" option is enabled
- Memory usage optimization while importing images from Finder
- Disappearance of pictures with applied filters after saving fixed

- Delete Rows/Columns now available via Context Menu
- Text rendering bug in a cell fixed and now it is performing faster
- Use Tab button to add row when the last cell in the last row is selected

- Difficulties with precise cursor positioning while editing large text boxes fixed
- Alt+Mouse Click shortcut to create text block for the page width added
- Problems with linked text boxes editing solved
- Problems with text disappearance while changing "Object causes wrap" mode solved

Update v2.1 links (use any of them):


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