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Postby Caine » April 16th, 2007, 4:21 pm

A great program. However I have encountered a problem relating to file size and performance. When working on a small file, all is great. However, as the file size grows, the performance slows down dramatically. I am presently working on a 30 page document, file size 18 mb. The program becomes extremely sluggish. Saving takes forever and exporting to PDF takes even longer. Moreover, the 18 mb file created a whopping 287 mb PDF file!.
During this process the computer (MacBook with 1 gb ram) becomes quite unusable.
Opening the resultant PDF in Acrobat and saving again (without performing file reduction) reduces the file down to about a sixth of the size.
Any suggestions?
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Postby Nick » April 17th, 2007, 1:58 am

It seems you have images on pages. The images cause the growth of the document file.

1. Use images in PDF and JPEG format when possible. Images stored in these formats are compressed and take less hard disk space.
The way used for insertion the image into the document is important. It is recommended to insert an image using Insert > Image > From File menu command or via the Custom Folder feature (see the Clipart panel). The Copy&Paste operation may change the image format.
Note, this will not increase the program performance.

2. Use images of proper size. Images taken right from a digital photo camera or scanned with high resolution may have excess quality.
The Geometry tab of the Inspector has the Original Size button. Select an image and click the button. If the image gets multiple times greater than you need, you can make its size smaller. For this purpose, use Image Tricks (free version is available on our website), Graphic Converter or other software.
Reducing the size of used images will make the document smaller and increase the performance.

3. Using the Image Tricks plug-in (on Mac OS 10.4 only) may change the image format what can increase the size of images in the document. For instance, when you apply effects to a vector image, it is converted to raster one.
In this case, modify the image and save it to PDF or JPEG before insertion in Swift Publisher to avoid its modification in the program.

Regarding the size of the PDF file.
You can export to PDF using printing to a file. Start printing, when the standard print dialog is open, click the PDF button and choose the Compress PDF option.


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