Swift Publisher v.2 is out

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Postby bbyrdhouse » March 30th, 2007, 2:07 pm

As a user of SwiftPub for I guess over a year now I for one am extremely thrilled to see version 2.

Congrats and I hope that it does well for you. I understand that more profit will = new and better software. Keep up the good work.

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Postby amackay » March 30th, 2007, 2:20 pm

I am impressed my your timely response to our desire to get access to the extra templates for Ver. 2. Thanks so much.

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Postby Mark.T » March 30th, 2007, 2:54 pm

I would also like to say how impressed I am.

It was clear from the beginning that you were not keen on the idea of making these templates available but when you heard from your users, you responded quickly and efficiently.

Thank You

Best Wishes

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Postby aussie141 » April 1st, 2007, 9:46 am

I agree with the applause you have received. Compliments also to your excellent graphic designers. They manage to cover a variety of interesting and attractive styles.
Nolan Glenn
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Postby Nolan Glenn » April 1st, 2007, 10:50 pm

Hey Pav and Andrew,

Thanks for the excellent software. I have nearly all of your products and have to say that I absolutely love them! Great products with complete ease... Exactly what I needed!

Thank you aslo for making the upgrade available to us all in the way you did. I too would pay for a downloadable version as an option so please set that up for future enhancements. I will always support your company by purchasing, using and recommending your products!

Best regards

Nolan Glenn
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Postby MattT » May 3rd, 2007, 1:33 pm

Count me as another user happy to see BeLight make good on providing a complete free upgrade. This is the type of customer service that can make customers into customer "evangelists" and loyal for life. Good call!


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