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Posted: June 18th, 2008, 9:14 am
by Jean-Jacques Boutaud
Hi all,
Here's a small set of custom shaders ready to use with Art Text/Image Tricks (and, why not, any other applications using Shaded Materials CI Filter).
Sorry, there's no preview in the website page for now but, yet, you may see some examples of the use of these shaders in this PDF file (1.3 MB).
Some remarks:
- yes, I know, most of these shaders names are silly ;^)
- these examples haven't be made with Art Text/Image Tricks, so results using these two applications may be slightly different.
- some of these shaders work better with small values (Depth, Scale and Radius).
- in some examples, I've used a useful "tip" to make stroke and fill parts of object (here I've used text) have different emboss/bevel effects.
It's not part of these shaders, you may get the same effect with any shader from the ones provided by BeLight in AT/IT.
Here're some posts about this (really) nice effect:

Hope you'll find them useful.