BCC 5.04 - Linking barcode data to txt file data

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Postby Backline » August 16th, 2010, 12:34 pm

I've recently purchased BCC 5.04. Very useful app but I have a couple of things that are confusing me.

I import data into BCC using a multi column tab-delimited text file created from a spreadsheet. I can't figure out any way to automatically create a barcode that matches the data in the imported text file. I can insert a barcode into a card layout, but a barcode that matches the card data (full name, phone # etc) will only be automatically created when I'm working from the Apple address book. I presume that this is a known limitation? Manually entering text for each barcode isn't a viable option...

I'm also using BCC to create labels with a thermal transfer printer. The limitation here is that sometimes an field will have a longer word, sometimes a shorter word. The software that comes with my Seiko thermal label printer has a setting called "Shrink to Fit", which catches any really long text fields and forces them into the available space by reducing font size on the fly. Very useful, wish BCC had such a setting.
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Postby Nick » August 17th, 2010, 4:05 am

Hi Backline,

1. There is no way to link a barcode with data imported automatically.
2. BCC doesn't have such possibility.

Take a look at Labels & Addresses. This porgram can generate barcodes basing on data imported from a file. And it has an option "address auto resize" in the Print dialog to scale down too long text fields.


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