Installation - what a mess
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I use a MAC Intell with OS 10.4.9 -

Upon inserting Business Card Composer Disc #1 Norton Anti-Virus Disc Scan began scanning the disc. It reached 3 of 323 and stayed there for months. I selected Cancel Disc Scan. Nothing happened for months. I select Force Quit - (Installer) but nothing happen. I click and drag Disc to Trash, again nothing happened except a message which read something like - Can't do that as the Installer is in use. I powered down my machine and restarted but the disc didn't eject. I used Disk Utilities (eject disk) but the disc didn't eject. I powered down again, nothing, and again, nothing. I started Safari, registered and logged in to > I began reading posts and for no apparent reason the Composer disc ejected.


To add insult to injury.

After my first restart my DOCK was reset to factory settings. The size of the icons has changed. None of the program icons I selected to appear in the Dock are visible, ie. Norton Virus, Word, Appleworks, Photoshop, Turbo Tax, and more. WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED TO MY DOCK? Where are all the icons I placed there? Why are the icons at LARGE size? How do I get MY Dock back?

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Postby rwebber » May 21st, 2007, 8:49 am

Bruce, you are blaming the wrong company. I have had similar problems with Norton Anti-Virus. In fact, I have trashed it for a superior utility called Virus Barrier X. As for the dock size and configuration -- When you restart, are you logged in to the same user account as before? If so, you probably have trashed the preferences file or dock settings file and you will need to reconfigure your dock.

To install Business Card Composer (and most other software), temporarily disable (or better yet permanently trash) the disc scan function. Insert the Business Card Composer Disc #1 and chose the install option. Insert Disc #2 and install. I believe all will go as expected.

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Hello Ron, Thank you Thank you, Thank you! I guess it's easy if you know what to do. I disabled the Norton and installation was a snap. I will look into your Virus Barrier X suggestion. As for the dock, I only have one user account so I had to drop the icons I wanted back in. No big deal there. Thanks again, Bruce

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