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Postby Rich Gibson » April 29th, 2007, 7:10 pm

Hi. I purchased a copy of the software at the Apple store. I am using a MacPro with 6 gb ram and running 10.4.9. When I try to install from the CD I get to the "Select a Destination" window and the program hangs showing a spinning circle of dots. All the computer's drives are greyed out and when I try to click on any of them nothing happens. I just successfully installed Photo Shop CS3 a few days ago so the computer is functioning fine. There is a message in the box below the drive selection window and it says: "Some Volumes are unavailable until the installer has finished processing." It's hung not for five minutes.

Any ideas?

Thanks, Rich Gibson
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Postby Nick » May 2nd, 2007, 4:14 am

The installer lets to install the software on the system volume only. Was is shown at the "Select a Destination" step? To define which volume is the system one, the installer takes some time. This time may increase when other programs actively use the hard disk (disk utilities, audio/video players, etc.). Try installing right after restarting the operating system.

Check the surface of the CD, it may have dust or defects.
If it is possible for you, try to launch the installer on another computer to see how the installer behaves.

If nothing helps, start the Business Card Composer installer and choose Window > Installer Log at the first step. Then switch from "Show Errors" to "Show Everything" in the log window. Extend the log window as much as possible vertically and horizontally.
When you reach the "Select a Destination" window and the installer stops responding again, click Save in the log window to save the log. Send the log to
We will examine the log.
If saving the log is impossible because the installer hung up, press Cmd-Shift-3 to make a screenshot of the log. Note, The lower lines of the log are the most important.


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