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Posted: February 9th, 2011, 10:49 am
by doddeltje
I've been printing a few cd covers and even on a dvd itself with my Canon iP4850, and it looks great. However, I have one question. When exporting stuff to pdf the size of this file is huge. I guess because I used the original images and that means between 2 and 7 MB each. Disc Cover seems to use the 300 dpi setting, which would blow up the size even more. I noticed the pdf for a cd cover can be more than 30 MB. Now my question is, is this huge size in MB really necessary? How can I best resize my own images? Is it preferable to change the printing to 72 dpi?

Posted: February 10th, 2011, 3:31 am
by Nick
Photo editing applications have the option to resize an image. Also the has the resize tool: Tools > Adjust Size.

Printing 72 dpi images on a disc can significantly reduce the quality. What's the purpose of the PDF? If you are going to use it as the original for further printing, you can export to a compressed PDF. If you export the disc label only for preview purpose, you can choose the JPEG format that can give better size reduction.


Posted: February 10th, 2011, 3:56 am
by doddeltje
Thanks, Nick.
The purpose of the pdf is to send it to other people, so they can print the inserts on their computer.
So if I understand well, I should resize the image to about the size needed for the inserts?
There is one more thing. There is as far as I can see no blank project for a normal cd. So what I do is take one of the existing projects and use the insert from that project and exchange the image for one of mine. But this results in a pdf that still shows the original image. It's weird. When you open the pdf first the original image appears which is then quickly replaced by the right image. It might be that this preset original image increases the overall size of the pdf considerably.
I have requested by feedback to let us have a blank project for a normal size cd case in the next version, so this won't happen.

Nick, I guess the best way to get rid of the original image in the pdf is to use an existing project type of the right size (say standard cd) and not use the insert with the preset image but add a new insert that is blank.

Posted: February 10th, 2011, 9:09 am
by Nick
So if I understand well, I should resize the image to about the size needed for the inserts?

Yes, but 72 dpi can give too low quality of the graphics. Before editing your document, try to convert one image to 72 dpi and print it on plain paper.

Good quality give the resolution 200-300 dpi and higher. But your document can have much higher resolution on the print (in PDF) when you resize images making them smaller. For instance, the image 100 * 100 pixels with 1 inch per side is 100 dpi. If you resize it to 1/2 inch, it will be 200 dpi.

Note that it is reasonable to convert only raster images such as photos. Vector graphics doesn't take much disk space.

In, you can resize images this way:
1. In the menu choose Tools > Adjust Size.
2. Select the measurement units: inches or cm.
3. Deselect Resample Image. Scale Proportionally - selected.
4. Set the desired resolution (I recommend 200-300 dpi).
Now your image has the original quality at specified resolution.
5. Select Resample Image. Scale Proportionally - selected.
6. Set up the image size. Preserving the resolution, will reduce the number of pixels and correspondingly the file size.
7. Click OK and save the image using File > Save As.

The blank CD project
We have added several blank projects to the Assistant. But you aren't limited by this. Users can add new elements to the project and remove the existing. Below the toolbar there is the + button that lets you add blank disc labels, booklets, inserts and other elements.

The exported PDF can contain original images from the template if you haven't removed them but placed your graphics over.

If you add a blank design element (a disc label, for instance) you won't have to remove the original images.


Posted: February 10th, 2011, 10:27 am
by doddeltje
Thanks, Nick. I'll keep this in mind.