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Postby muktig » July 24th, 2006, 6:46 pm

Loving the results on my screen but... printing on Memorex "Cd label refills", calibrate printer.... calibrate printer.... calibrated printed already and label still not coming out centered properly. Great colors though... what am I not doing right?

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Postby Nick » July 25th, 2006, 3:39 am

Probably your paper and the selected in the program paper layout are different. In this case you will not manage to calibrate all elements.

To clarify the situation, compare the layout and paper:
- open a blank document (Cmd+N);
- go to printing (Cmd+P);
- select your Memorex paper in the list;
- drag any element form the left box onto every element in the preview in the print dialog;
- enable printing dotted marks;
- click the Next button and print a test page on plain paper.

Now you should compare the test layout with original paper. If they are identical, calibration must work (maybe you did something wrongly).

If sheets differ, you can create a custom layout:
- Click "Change Paper" on the Design Element tab of Inspector.
- Select the paper layout you used for calibration and click "Customize".
- Set correct positions of elements (you can add new elements if needed).
- (Not necessary) Print outlines of the new layout to compare with paper (click the Print Outlines button).

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