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CanonMX922 Won't Print The BLACK Color on Printable CD

Posted: December 10th, 2017, 1:49 pm
by sml44
After I design a CD cover, prepare to print with Canon MX922, have everything set correctly in the Print Dialog box. When it prints to the printable cd disc, every color prints with the "exception" of any black color that is on my design. The black color is "replaced with a silver color". All new ink cartridges, cleaned & aligned printheads.

When I print to plain paper, it's prints with all the colors, including the "blacks". My Canon driver is up to date, I am using DC 3.1.3 & it says all up to date. I have a MacBookPro running 10.8.5. I have printed CD's for a long time, same laptop, same operating system & have NOT has this problem before.

Would appreciate your help!
Thank you!!