Printer Calibration Problem! Please Help

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Postby dockbay » October 21st, 2006, 7:50 pm

Hi, I am Attempting to print a photo from iPhoto onto a DVD label. I am using Memorex DVD labels (there is no product number) I have chosen the "Memorex US CD full coverage" paper choice from the menu. THis appears to be the correct layout. I am using a HP Officejet 5510 printer. I have 2 separate issues I can't quite get:
1. When I import a photo from iPhoto and then drag it to the blank Label it does not fit the entire balnk. So I then "stretch" the photo to fit the blank. This makes the objects in the photo appear too tall or too wide. (or FAT in the case of people) I have foound that if I double click on the photo it brings up an "edit photo" window that appears to allow me to resize the photo. When I re-size the photo and select "ok" nothing appears to happen. The photo in the blank does not change to the "new" size. How do I overcome the sizing issue so the labels don't look distorted?

2. When I try and calibrate the printer I can get VERY close to the correct positioning but not exactly. Every label is always off by a couple mm's. I have spent way too much money on test labels!! I did see in another post that there is some way to turn on the "dotted line" printing and then print on regular paper but I still fear that the settings on the calibration that move in defined increments will not give me the result I need. Am I missing something?
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Postby Nick » October 23rd, 2006, 2:59 am


1. Probably you resize the image by dragging its side resize handles. Fore side-proportional resize, select the image and drag its corner handle.
Another way is to open the Geometry tab of the Inspector panel (menu: Window -> Inspector -> Geometry) and use controls from the Size section. "Fix aspect ratio" must be set.

2. With the calibration feature in Disc Cover you can get better precision than 2 mm. A half of a millimeter is possible.
Usually it is enough 1-2 sheets for calibration. Printing on regular paper will not work - you should calibrate exactly on the paper and printer you will use later for printing labels.

In general, the printing procedure requires from you to print one calibration sheet and enter values from its rulers into the calibration dialog. Or drag with the mouse the picture in the calibration dialog to make it look as the printed sheet (may be not so precise as entering numbers).

You can enter negative as well as positive values depending on the shift direction.
You can enter fractional values for better accuracy.


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