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Postby pgroebne » November 24th, 2013, 9:56 pm

I'm migrating from Windows to the Mac and using your product V2 for the first time. I've been figuring out how to use your product this problem has me stumped.

I've created design elements with Photoshop Elements 9 and imported them into Discover. They come over smaller than I expect but just grab the handles and resize them (.tif images) and they're fine except for the CD spline labels.

I bring them in and because I have color/design that should cover the entire spline I drag the handles to cover the spline design element completely. However when I go to print it, the width is okay but the height of the label doesn't completely cover the spline, it looks like the printed area is centered on the spline with an equal unprinted area above and below my design.

So why isn't it doing what I think it should be doing, i.e. covering the entire spine?
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Postby Ajax » November 26th, 2013, 6:03 am


Please send the document you made to our support email found at and clarify the version of Disc Cover you've installed.
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Postby Nick » December 2nd, 2013, 6:16 am

Hi pgroebne,

We have received your files. I emailed you the same answer.

Without having the original Disc1.tiff and Disc1.tiff, I cannot say why you had to resize the second while the first fit a disc well. This could happen because:
1. The size of a disc labels 1 and 2 (the circles) are different but the size of images are same. This can be true in case of different margins.
2. The resolution stated in the image metadata of one image differs from another. For example, the same image 100x100 px saves with 72 and 150 dpi give different results after adding in a Disc Cover document. The 150 dpi image will be shown smaller to reflect the higher resolution.

White stripes along a printed spine or disc label design could be caused not by insufficient size but because these designs aren't centered well. This can be corrected using the printer calibration procedure. To start it, choose File > Calibrate Printer in the main menu. You will need to print a calibration sheet on the same Avery paper, find out how far the zero of printed rulers is away from the disc outline and enter these values into the calibration dialog.

To avoid the problem with unprinted stripes, in addition to calibration, you can use the bleeds feature. In two words, you need to make the colored background go beyond the edge of disc or spine (2-3 mm would be enough). In the Print dialog, enable printing with bleeds.


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