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Sep 17
Get Backup 2.6 brings Yosemite compatibility.
Aug 1
Printworks 1.0.1 adds import of Swift Publisher documents.
Jul 28
BeLight Software introduces Printworks for Mac!
Jul 21
BeLight releases Live Interior 3D Pro to Windows 8.
Jul 18
Get Backup 2.5.5 technical update.
Jun 26
Get Backup 2.5.4 brings several technical improvements.
Jun 25
Art Text 2.4.7 brings grid to shape editor.
May 26
Live Interior 3D 2.9.5 technical update is out.
March 15
BeLight releases Live Interior 3D Free to Windows 8.
March 7
Labels & Addresses 1.6.8 improves compatibility with OS X 10.9.2.
March 5
Live Interior 3D 2.9.4 update is out.
February 26
Labels & Addresses 1.6.7 improves compatibility with OS X 10.9.2
February 17
Swift Publisher 3.3.5 resolves the problem with app crashing.
February 14
Swift Publisher 3.3.4 fixes bugs related to opening and saving documents.
January 24
Swift Publisher 3.3.3 technical update.
January 20
Business Card Composer 5.1.7 technical update.


December 23
Labels & Addresses 1.6.6 technical update.
December 12
Live Interior 3D 2.9.3 technical update is out.
November 27
Art Text 2.4.6 technical update.
November 13
Art Text 2.4.5 update brings OS X Mavericks compatibility.
October 18
Live Interior 3D 2.9.2 update adds OS X Mavericks compatibility.
October 17
Swift Publisher 3.3.2 brings Facebook and Twitter integration.
October 17
Disc Cover 3.0.10 improves stability when browsing the Assistant.
October 2
Get Backup 2.5.3 is now Mavericks compatible.
October 1
Concealer 1.2 improves storage technology.
September 20
Swift Publisher 3.3.1 brings Mavericks compatibility.
September 4
Live Interior 3D 2.9.1 technical update is out.
August 27
Swift Publisher 3.3 adds Italian localization.
August 6
Live Interior 3D 2.9 update adds support for Sketchup 2013.
May 22
Labels & Addresses 1.6.5 improves iPhoto compatibility.
May 14
Disc Cover 3.0.9 fixes the problem with data import from AAC and AIFF files.
May 7
Swift Publisher 3.2.1 improves iPhoto compatibility and brings other improvements.
April 29
Get Backup 2.5.2 is now 64-bit app and gains updated scheduling options.
April 16
Image Tricks 3.8 dramatically improves performance.
April 3
Art Text 2.4.4 brings full Retina support.
April 3
Business Card Composer 5.1.6 improves iPhoto compatibility.
March 19
Live Interior 3D 2.8.2 and Render Boost 2.3 are out.
March 13
Disc Cover 3.0.8 adds new direct-to-disc printers.
February 6
Art Text 2.4.3 technical update released.
January 16
BeLight Software releases its first game, Rails.
Older news...


December 25
Live Interior 3D 2.8.1 technical update released.
December 7
Live Interior 3D 2.8 brings full Retina support and new printing functionality.
November 29
Image Tricks 3.7 improves performance and stability.
October 25
Labels & Addresses adds FileMaker 12 support.
October 5
Art Text 2.4.2 update improves program performance and stability.
October 5
BeLight unveils Art Text for Windows 8.
October 1
Swift Publisher, Disc Cover and Business Card Composer introduce Gate Keeper support.
September 14
Live Interior 3D v2.7.4 technical update.
August 17
Image Tricks 3.6 adds 78 new frames and Mountain Lion support.
August 8
BeLight releases Swift Publisher 3.1.1 improves 10.7 and 10.8 compatibility.
July 25
Font Kit packages become available on the App Store.
May 30
Swift Publisher 3.1 fully supports 64-bit mode.
March 22
Live Interior 3D v2.7.3 technical update.
March 12
Swift Publisher 3.0.1 technical update.
March 2
March 1
Concealer adds password hint and fixes issues.
February 23
BeLight releases Font Kit, a collection of 600 fonts.
February 2
Image Tricks 3.5 brings frames, vector borders, and various improvements.
February 1
Live Interior 3D v2.7.2 technical update.
January 5
Get Backup 2.5 brings various synchronization and backup improvements.


December 23
Live Interior 3D v2.7.1 technical update.
December 16
Business Card Composer, Disc Cover and Labels & Addresses fix the Internet picture search.
December 14
November 10
Art Text 2.4.1 technical update.
November 1
Get Backup 2.4.9 updates Analyze option and more.
September 13
Image Tricks 3.0.4 improves Lion compatibility.
September 9
September 5
Concealer v1.0.8 improves Lion compatibility.
August 26
Art Text 2.4 adds Lion support, 60+ templates and more.
August 25
Live Interior 3D v2.6.6 Lion compatibility update.
July 11
Get Backup 2.4.7 can now save admin password, skip scheduled process, and more.
June 29
Concealer v.1.0.7 fixes master password recognition issues.
June 10
Get Backup 2.4.4 brings Automount option for network volumes in sync projects.
June 10
Remote Viewer for iPhone/iPad released.
May 31
Live Interior 3D v2.6.5 technical update released.
May 26
Concealer v.1.0.6 technical update.
May 19
Labels & Addresses 1.6 brings import of contacts from MS Outlook 2011.
April 21
Concealer 1.0.5 brings various improvements and fixes.
April 21
Swift Publisher 2.3.6 improves document printing.
April 12
BeLight unveils Concealer, its new Mac OS X utility.
March 28
Swift Publisher 2.3.5 adds 48 templates.
March 24
Labels & Addresses 1.5.7 introduces “Convert text to image” option, and more.
March 15
Business Card Composer 5.1 adds 238 templates and new paper layouts.
February 24
Disc Cover 3.0.3 adds 9 templates and new paper layouts.
February 8
Live Interior 3D v2.6 adds SketchUp 8 support and more.
January 26
Image Tricks 3.0.3 update improves stability.


November 26
Disc Cover version 3.0.1 technical update is out.
November 24
Get Backup 2.4.3 improves backup to discs.
November 9
Disc Cover version 3.0 is out.
October 6
Live Interior 3D v2.5 adds dormers and video tutorials.
September 16
Get Backup 2.4.2 technical update.
September 3
Get Backup 2.4.1 improves cloning and synchronization.
August 26
Get Backup 2.4 update adds the ability to create bootable backups.
August 19
Art Text 2.3.2 brings various technical improvements.
August 10
Art Text 2.3.1 adds rulers and smart guides in vector shape editor.
August 2
Back to School offer from BeLight.
July 19
Art Text 2.3 features a built-in vector shape editor.
June 30
BeLight Software has just signed up on Facebook.
June 9
Live Interior 3D v2.4 update brings loft wall support and other improvements.
June 3
May 6
Get Backup 2.3.2 technical update.
March 31
Image Tricks 3.0.1 technical update is available.
March 25
Printfolio 1.6.5 technical update is released.
March 25
Labels & Addresses 1.5.4 technical update.
March 25
March 23
Image Tricks 3 is out featuring new Core Image filters and Quartz Compositions.
February 24
Get Backup 2.3.1 technical update.
February 23
Labels & Addresses 1.5.3 features improved automatic address formatting and more.
February 16
Get Backup 2.3 is now available in Freeware and Pro editions.
January 19
Labels & Addresses 1.5.2 adds integration with Apple Numbers.
January 14
Live Interior 3D v2.3.1 update brings several technical improvements.


December 16
Live Interior 3D v2.3 update adds the ability to create roofs and more.
December 7
Labels & Addresses v. 1.5.1 brings several technical improvements.
December 7
Business Card Composer 5.0.2 adds various improvements and fixes.
December 1
Labels & Addresses 1.5 adds 22 Christmas design sets and more.
November 16
Art Text 2.2.2 brings new functionalities and various fixes.
November 5
Business Card Composer version 5.0.1 technical update is out.
October 21
Get Backup 2.2.5 update brings technical improvements.
October 15
October 15
Printfolio 1.6 update adds Business Card Composer 5.
September 8
Labels & Addresses v1.3.3 technical update.
September 4
Get Backup 2.2.2 update brings technical fixes and Snow Leopard compatibility.
September 3
Swift Publisher, Printfolio, and Image Tricks are now Snow Leopard compatible.
September 2
Live Interior 3D and Labels & Addresses are now Snow Leopard compatible.
August 31
Art Text, Business Card Composer, and Disc Cover are now Snow Leopard compatible.
July 30
Get Backup 2.2.1 technical update.
July 15
Live Interior 3D v2.2 update brings multi-level floors and ceilings, new content and more.
July 7
Get Backup 2.2 update adds encryption capability.
July 2
Art Text 2.2 update brings 100 new designs.
June 18
“Break Away with Art Text” contest launched!
May 19
Labels & Addresses 1.3.1 technical update is available.
April 28
Labels & Addresses 1.3 brings Intelligent Mail barcode support.
April 27
Disc Cover v. 2.3.1 update adds CD/DVD Envelope design element.
April 13
Get Backup 2.1.2 update speeds up the backup process.
March 20
Get Backup 2.1 update optimizes program performance.
March 19
Live Interior 3D v2.1.1 update brings significant technical improvements.
March 5
Art Text version 2.1 supports Multi-Touch trackpad gestures.
March 3
Live Interior 3D v2.1 adds Google SketchUp™ 7 import and export, autosave option and more.
February 18
Labels & Addresses 1.2 adds two barcode types and more.
February 6
An article about file and data backup becomes available.
February 5
Disc Cover version 2.3 update features DiscT@2 technology.
February 2
Get Backup 2.0.2, technical update.


December 30
Get Backup 2.0.1 technical update.
December 29
Labels & Addresses 1.1 adds support for Zebra thermal printers.
December 22
Get Backup 2 brings significant changes including addition of synchronization feature.
December 17
Disc Cover 2.2.1 update improves text file import.
December 16
Labels & Addresses 1.0.1 technical update.
December 9
Labels & Addresses a tool for printing all sorts of labels and envelopes released.
December 9
Printfolio 1.5 update substitutes Mail Factory for Labels & Addresses.
December 3
Art Text 2.0.3 version 2.0.3 update brings technical improvements.
November 7
Disc Cover 2.2 features auto save and other improvements.
November 3
Live Interior 3D v2.0.1 update adds French localization.
October 13
Live Interior 3D v.2 extends integration with Google SketchUp™ and more.
October 8
Art Text 2.0.2 technical update.
September 30
Art Text 2.0.1 technical update.
September 29
Printfolio v.1.4 update brings support for Art Text 2.
September 26
Business Card Composer v.4.5.5 introduces Art Text 2 integration.
September 25
Swift Publisher version 2.3.1 adds support for Art Text 2.
September 24
Disc Cover version 2.1.4 adds support for Art Text 2.
September 22
Art Text 2 is out, featuring new interface, multi layer support and more.
September 4
Disc Cover 2.1.3 technical update.
May 27
Disc Cover version 2.1.1 adds HP Tattoo labels support.
April 23
Mail Factory 2.6.2 update is available.
April 23
Business Card Composer 4.5 update features technical improvements.
April 14
Swift Publisher 2.3 features more advanced iPhoto support.
April 9
Disc Cover 2.0.5 update fixes printing issues.
March 21
Disc Cover 2.0.1, technical update.
March 20
Live Interior 3D v1.5.1 technical update features import improvements.
March 18
Release of Disc Cover v.2 brings redesigned interface, integration with Aperture and many more.
March 17
Art Text v1.2.5 update brings various technical improvements.
March 12
Get Backup an advanced Mac OS X backup software released.
February 28
BeLight Software acquires Dobry Backuper from DobrySoft.
February 19
Live Interior 3D v1.5 update features light sources creation.
January 31
BeLight Software team at Macworld 2008.
January 8
New 17 image filters added to Image Tricks 2.4 update.


December 18
Mail Factory v.2.6 update brings various improvements.
December 11
Live Interior 3D v1.4.2 technical update.
November 16
Getting ready for Macworld Expo 2008.
November 8
Art Text v1.2.4 update brings Leopard compatibility.
November 7
Live Interior 3D v1.4.1 features Leopard compatibility.
November 5
BCComposer v.4.4.1 brings improved Leopard compatibility.
November 5
Mail Factory 2.5.4 is Leopard compatible.
October 25
Live Interior 3D v1.4 features movie creating functionality.
October 8
Barra starts her Mac-voyage.
October 8
Disc Cover 1.5.1, technical update.
October 2
BeLight Software takes part in MacLive Expo, London.
September 19
Live Interior 3D v1.3 features export to QuickTime VR and Hi-Res Screenshots.
September 6
Business Card Composer 4.4 update features Leopard compatibility and Quick Look support.
August 28
Art Text 1.2.2 update brings more styles and materials.
August 27
Swift Publisher 2.2 update features Leopard compatibility.
August 20
Disc Cover version 1.5 features improved compatibility with Mac OS X Leopard.
July 11
Live Interior 3D v1.2 adds grouping functionality, 50+ new objects and materials.
June 27
Mail Factory 2.5.3, technical update.
June 21
Swift Publisher technical update to version 2.1.2.
June 18
Art Text retail edition features 50 artistic fonts.
June 13
Image Tricks update adds Sobel filter into Pro version.
June 6
Live Interior 3D v1.1 features multiple improvements and bug fixes.
June 5
Disc Cover version 1.4 update, features Labelflash™ support.
May 30
Business Card Composer 4.3 features new functionalities and interface changes.
May 3
Swift Publisher updated to v.2.1.
April 26
Live Interior 3D v1.0.3 features improved Google 3D Warehouse™ integration.
April 26
Art Text 1.2.1 update features export to EPS.
April 4
Live Interior 3D, interior designing software released.
March 30
Swift Publisher 2.0.2 update is available.
March 21
Swift Publisher 2.0 is out, featuring new functionalities and improvements.
March 14
Art Text 1.2 update features 36 new styles and 19 materials.
February 19
Disc Cover v1.3.3 features advanced LightScribe technology.
February 14
Business Card Composer update features German localization.
February 8
Mail Factory 2.5 features German localization.
January 12
Art Text 1.0.6, technical update.
January 4
Live Interior 3D — interior designing software announced.
January 4
Art Text 1.0.4, technical update.


December 25
Art Text 1.0.2, technical update.
December 20
Art Text, a text decorating tool is released.
November 29
BeLight at Macworld Expo 2007.
November 22
Christmas designs for Mail Factory.
November 16
Business Card Composer 4.1 update features Spotlight and image generation support.
November 2
Printfolio, a suite to create print designs is released.
October 19
Mail Factory 2.4.7 update, merge printing optimization.
September 26
Image Tricks 2.3.3, technical update featuring various improvements.
September 21
Disc Cover v1.2 features a new collage functionality.
September 5
Image Tricks 2.3 update, 4 image filters added.
August 7
Disc Cover Crossgrade program has launched!
July 17
Disc Cover 1.1 adds new designs and alternative iTunes import.
July 10
Image Tricks 2.2, 8 image filters and 2 generators added.
July 6
BeLight Forum launched.
June 28
Swift Publisher 1.3 new designs and Spotlight support added.
June 26
Business Card Composer version 4 is out!
June 16
Winners of Disc Artwork contest announced.
June 6
Disc Artwork contest is launched.
April 26
Image Tricks 2.0 update. Edit and Generate unique images.
April 5
Winners of "Let's get Switched" contest announced.
March 31
Mail Factory 2.4 update, various program improvements.
March 29
Disc Cover 1.0.8 supports Toast Titanium.
March 27
Let's get switched! New contest.
March 15
Disc Cover 1.0.5 update. Create collages easily and other improvements.
February 28
Disc Cover is released. Make labels and covers for your CDs and DVDs.
February 21
Disc Cover, CD&DVD labeling software is coming soon.
February 8
Post your St. Valentine greeting!
January 30
BeLight Birthday!
January 19
All BeLight Software products are now in Universal Binary versions.
January 16
Business Card Composer 3.2 — fully supports double-sided cards and allows to print on duplex printers.


December 30
Event of the Year 2005, the results and winners announced.
December 19
Swift Publisher 1.1.3 update, saving images and masks in documents optimized.
December 12
Vote for event of the year to win iTunes Music Card.
December 6
Swift Publisher v.1.1 — improved functionality for advanced document creating.
November 22
Free Christmas images to prepare your greetings with Mail Factory or Swift Publisher.
November 9
Mail Factory v2.2 extends mailing capabilities.
November 2
Mike Marus, Rockrimmon Elementary School, get free Bundle from BeLight.
November 1
Winner of the Halloween contest announced.
October 26
October 17
Win iPod Nano at Halloween Night giveaway.
September 12
Image Tricks v1.1 update features new Core Image filters and LinkBack technology.
September 9
BeLight Software donates Victims of Hurricane Katrina. Join us at
September 6
Swift Publisher v1.0.3 update features 40 new designs and other enhancements.
August 15
The first Swift Publisher buyer Mr Chris Toombes received a gift from Odessa city.
August 9
Image Tricks, image editor that uses Tiger Core Image filters, is released.
August 2
BeLight's Contest is opened. Enter To Win great software.
July 25
Swift Publisher is released. Create flyers, brochures, letterheads with great ease.
June 29
Swift Publisher, page layout app, is announced for release in July.
June 9
Mail Factory v.2.0.3 update, faster printing and other enhancements.
June 7
Now Mail Factory is also available in Home Edition, which is specially designed for home users.
May 24
Tiger compatible Business Card Composer is out! Read more on v3.1.
May 18
Mail Factory version 2 adds embedded data storages, advanced Merge Printing, address templates, more.
March 31
Win an iPod in BeLight Software contest on the most funny or unusual use of business cards.
February 9
Business Card Composer version 3 is out! Now with tons of clipart, new printing methods, tools for making badges, more...
February 1
Download free Valentine images for Mail Factory to prepare special greeting for your loved one.


December 21
Business Card Composer version 3.0 is announced for release in February 2005.
November 30
Download free Christmas images and designs to prepare your greetings with Mail Factory.
October 27
BeLight Software announces Mail Factory Drawing: if you buy Mail Factory from October 27th to November 27th, 2004, you get 50% discount for Business Card Composer and can win a DYMO printer.
October 20
Mail Factory v1.4 update adds FileMaker support, automatic address recognition, and more.
September 8
Mail Factory version 1.3 uses addresses from Excel, text files and gets iPhoto integration.
August 30
Business Card Composer version 2.3 features iPhoto integration and many enhancements.
August 5
Mail Factory updated to version 1.1.
July 23
Mail Factory — the program to print labels and envelopes on Mac OS X, has been released.
May 26
Upcoming Mail Factory is announced for release in the first half of July. Create and print envelopes and address labels on your Mac.
April 29
BeLight Software has announced release of Business Card Composer, version 2.2.
April 29
As AOL booked all rights for all yellow men in the world, we changed Business Card Composer's icon.
April 5
Mail Factory is announced for release in May. This elegant tool allows to create and print envelopes and address labels on your Mac.
March 11
New version of BeLight Web site is out, adding fresh useful information.
March 11
Our company is happy to bring you new companion products.
February 17
BeLight Software participates in "Promoting Your Business on a Mac" program for those starting a small business, held in 70 Apple Retail stores (scheduled for February 25th).
February 4
French and Dutch languages added to Business Card Composer.


December 24
You can now buy our software from the SoftwareToGo vending machines, installed in selected CompUSA stores.
December 23
Business Card Composer v2 is available in German.
November 24
Business Card Composer v2 is out! New exciting features added.
October 25
Business Card Composer 1.1.3 update for Panther is offered.
October 7
New products available: Readiris + Business Card Composer bundle.
September 24
Business Card Composer available in German.
August 27
1.1 update of Business Card Composer released.
July 7
Welcome to read the reviews of the application.
June 23
1.0.3 update of Business Card Composer adds to your efficiency.
June 5
Business Card Composer updated to version 1.0.1.
May 28
Business Card Composer is out! Feel free to try it.
April 28
Business Card Composer announced for release at the end of May.
April 14
Beta version of Business Card Composer: Internal release.
February 18
BeLight Software website launched.
January 23
BeLight Software, Corporation official foundation.